Conservation Department

If you need to drop off plans or documentation for Conservation, please head to the Engineering office in Town Hall.

Conservation Commission

The Wakefield Conservation Commission is composed of seven volunteer commissioners appointed by the Wakefield Town Council. The Commission is responsible for applying the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Wetlands Protection Act (WPA) to building, renovation, and landscaping projects which may affect protected resources. 
The Conservation Commission will hold meetings on the first and third Tuesday of the month. Meetings are listed on this website, or you may call the Conservation office at 781-224-5015 for meeting information. You can contact Conservation Commission members at

Department and Commission Contacts

Conservation Department

(781) 224-5015

Kenneth Alepidis

Commission Member, April 2026

Teresa Belmonte

Commission Member, April 2024

Julie Giganti-Almeida

Non-Voting Member, April 2024

Frank J. Luciani, Jr.

Chairperson, April 2026

Haley McHatton Ballou

Commission Member, April 2025

Peter Miller

Commission Member, April 2024

Robert J. Romano

Vice-Chairperson, April 2024

Paul F. Wendelgass

Commission Member, April 2025

Commission Clerk