Historical Commission

The Five Centuries of the Hartshorne House

The Wakefield Historical Commission was established by an act of the Town Meeting and is a 5-member board appointed by the Town Council. The Commission’s responsibility is to work to preserve, protect, and develop Wakefield’s historical and architectural heritage in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40, Section 8D. Learn more about the Wakefield Historical Commission's work, including the historic home marker program. 

Additional local history can be found on the Wakefield Historical Society's website.

Commission Members

Name Title
Nancy L. Bertrand Chairperson, April 2023
Gene A. Moulton Commission Member, April 2023
Francene Harrington Commission Member, April 2023
Daniel L. Benjamin, Jr. Commission Member, April 2022
Cathlina Driver Commission Member, April 2022
Jennifer Osterhout Commission Member, April 2021
Therese Frazier Commission Member, April 2021