Board of Library Trustees

Our Town Charter outlines that the Board of Library Trustees be composed of nine members elected for terms of three years, so arranged that the terms of three of the members expire each year.

The Board has control over the selection of library materials and have custody and management of such. All money and property that the Town may receive for library purposes by gift or bequest shall be administered by the Board in accordance with the provisions of the gift or bequest. 

Board Members

Name Title
Kevin P. Scanlon Chairperson, April 2021
Michael J. Bourque Vice Chairperson, April 2020
Susan Wetmore Board Member, April 2020
Cindy A. Schatz Board Member, April 2021
John Havelick, Jr. Board Member, April 2021
Timothy F. Healy Board Member, April 2019
Joseph Tringale Board Member, April 2020
Jeffrey Quinn Board Member, April 2019
Aimee Lominac Board Member, April 2021