Human Rights Commission

Our mission is to promote the civil and human rights of all people in Wakefield. Our goal is to reinforce positive relationships in the community and to create educational programs to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for diversity. Such educational activities help communities become more harmonious, respectful, and cohesive. Through working with other groups and agencies within our community, we will strive to eliminate prejudice and intolerance, promote mutual respect and human rights and accept individual differences.


Commission Members

Name Title
Maria Muti Chair, April 2022
Sherri Oken Commission Member, April 2022
Jennifer Boettcher Commission Member, April 2021
Benny Wheat Commission Member, April 2023
Nicole Jacob Commission Member, April 2023
Jeremy Little Commission Member, April 2021
Kimberley Ring Allen Commission Member, April 2021
Teresa Aravena-Gonzalez Commission Member, April 2021
Faith Defendre Student Appointee, June 2021
Elizabeth Assenza Council of Clergy Member
Officer Amy Rando Commission Member
Stephen P. Maio Ex Officio
Doug Lyons Ex Officio
Steven Skory Ex Officio