Town Council

In accordance with Wakefield’s Charter, our Town Council is composed of seven members elected, at large, for terms of three years each. The executive authority of the Town is vested in the Town Council, which is deemed to be the chief executive office and chief policy-making agency in the Town. Read more about the official duties of our Town Council and the Human Rights Proclamation they adopted in 2018. 

Mehreen N. Butt | 781.307.8710
Term: April 2017 - April 2020
Liaison to: Arts and Culture and Social Services

Jonathan P. Chines | 617.501.6033
Term: April 2019 - April 2022
Liaison to: School Committee

Paul R. DiNocco
Term: April 2018 - April 2021
Liaison to: Police Department and Community Planning and Economic Development

Edward F. Dombroski, Jr. | 617.290.2026
Term: April 2017 - April 2020
Liaison to: Finance Committee and long-range forecasting

Peter J. May | 781.799.8137
Term: April 2019 - April 2022
Liaison to: Communications and Department of Public Works

Julie Smith-Galvin, Vice-Chairperson | 781.606.1233
Term: April 2018 - April 2021
Liaison to: Communications and WMGLD

Ann Santos, Chairperson | 617.529.8656
April 2019 - April 2022
Liaison to: Fire Department and Community Planning and Economic Development

Staff Contacts