Permanent Building Committee

The Permanent Building Committee oversees all projects for design, construction, reconstruction, renovation, alteration, or enlargement of any building owned by the Town, or undertaken on land owned or leased by the Town, with an expected project and/or construction value of $100,000 or more.

The Permanent Building Committee has the sole authority to procure engineering and architectural services, award bids for construction, enter into contracts on behalf of the Town with respect to matters within its authority, and administer such contracts in accordance with applicable law. 

Whenever land acquisition is or may be necessary for any project within its authority, the Permanent Building Committee studies the proposed acquisition and reports to Town Meeting. Town Meeting may expand or limit the powers and responsibilities of the Permanent Building Committee with respect to specific projects.

Committee Members

Name Title
Joseph B. Bertrand Chairperson, April 2022
Timothy Demers Committee Member, April 2023
Charles L. Tarbell Committee Member, April 2023
Jerry Hammersley Committee Member, April 2021
Jason Cohen Committee Member, April 2021
Christopher Callanan Committee Member, April 2021
Janine R. Fabiano Committee Member, April 2021
John McDonald Committee Member, April 2022
Thomas Galvin Committee Member, April 2022
Marc Moccio Non-voting Committee Member, April 2023
Philip Renzi Non-voting Committee Member, April 2023
Wayne Hardacker Non-voting Committee Member, April 2023