New Resident Resources

Welcome to Wakefield!

In addition to the resources compiled here and available throughout our site, check out our community calendar to see some of the great events Wakefield hosts throughout the year. We hope you enjoy calling Wakefield home.

CodeRED e-alerts

The Town of Wakefield uses the CodeRED system for important notifications. It gives us the ability to deliver timely information to our residents through various communication channels, including phone, email, and text. Click to read more about the CodeRED system and sign up.

Trash and recycling

blue icons of trash can with cover and recycling barrel with coverEach household is assigned a trash collection bin, and legal two, three, and four-family households that receive Town refuse collection have one refuse container for each legal unit. These blue containers have a ten-year warranty and normal wear and tear can be repaired. Is yours missing? Our containers have serial numbers for tracking purposes. Contact our Department of Public Works if you have any questions or concerns about your bin. Residents also have the opportunity to buy special event bags at a cost of $10 for five (5) bags for trash overflow. You can pick them up at Town Hall.

Single-stream recycling collection is mandatory for all residents who receive Town refuse collection. Residents can use existing recycling containers or refuse barrels provided they feature a recycling sticker. These free stickers can be obtained at Town Hall. There is no limit to the number of recycling containers that can be put out. For additional information on trash and recycling collection, including large-item pickup and hazardous waste, click here.

Wakefield has a yard waste site on Nahant Street that is open only to residents. Permits can be purchased online or at Town Hall for $25. 

Voting and elections

Blue circle with stars and the word VOTEIf you currently have a Massachusetts driver's license or state ID card, you can use the state’s online voter registration application to register to vote, update your address, or change your party affiliation. Wakefield residents vote in the Galvin Middle School at 525 Main Street. Knowing your precinct will make your check-in faster; you can use the Secretary of State's lookup tool to find it. 

Wakefield’s town charter states that “all legislative powers of the Town shall be exercised by an open Town Meeting. The administration of all Town fiscal, prudential, and municipal affairs shall be vested in the executive branch headed by a Town Council and a Town Administrator.” Town Meetings are typically held twice a year, in the spring and fall, at the Galvin Middle School.  

Wakefield Public Schools

The vision of our school department is to prepare students for college, career, and community by providing rich and challenging curriculum, high quality instruction, and educational experiences that meet their individual needs and interests. Educational opportunities within Wakefield Public Schools include:

  • preschool services at the Doyle Early Childhood Education Center
  • K-4 instruction at the Dolbeare, Greenwood, Walton, and Woodville elementary schools
  • grade 5-8  instruction at the Galvin Middle School
  • grade 9-12 instruction at Wakefield Memorial High School

The Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational School, located in Wakefield, is a four-year, public regional vocational high school that serves 12 communities North of Boston. The P.O.S.T. Academy, in partnership with Reading Public Schools, is a post-secondary program that provides experiential and educational opportunities that promote a successful transition to adulthood.

When the kids are out of school, you’ll find great activities and sports clinics from Wakefield’s Recreation Department.

Senior services

The Senior Center provides information, services, and social activities to the citizens of the community 60 years of age and over. Stop by our building on Converse Street where you’ll find offerings like exercise classes, health seminars, movies, social outings, and more.