Traffic Advisory Committee

The mission of the Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC) is to create a safe environment for the motoring public, bicyclists, and pedestrians. This is accomplished through evaluating current conditions and recommending changes that improve safety. The TAC works in partnership with the Zoning Board of Appeals to analyze traffic impact studies for proposed building projects.

The TAC is also tasked with improving parking conditions throughout the town by recommending changes to restricted areas and working with the Wakefield Commission on Disabilities to provide necessary handicapped parking.  Agenda topics are generated through citizen requests, motor vehicle accident history, and development and engineering improvements.

Board Members

Name Title
Joseph Anderson Chairman
Daniel L. Benjamin, Jr. Commission on Disability Issues Representative
Joseph Conway DPW Director
Fire Department
Fire Department
Matt Kealey VHB Engineer
Marc Luca Resident Representative
Stephen P. Maio Town Administrator
Paul Reavis Town Planner
William Renault Town Engineer