Health Department

The Wakefield Health Department promotes the personal and environmental health of the community. We achieve this through education and policy development supported by enforceable regulations and collaboration with other people and organizations. We offer a wide variety of services including, but not limited to: vaccinations, inspections of restaurants and rental housing, informational sheets, healthy eating and living activities, pest control, and a medication take-back and sharps dropbox. 

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Preparedness

Wakefield leaders have been in consistent contact to learn the latest Coronavirus guidance and review preparedness plans across Town disciplines. Health Department Director Ruth Clay and Emergency Management Director Thomas Walsh are leading representatives from area public safety, EMS, school, business, and healthcare facilities in a discussion about Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.

Visit our dedicated COVID-19 page for updates and information.

Want to be part of the COVID-19 solution? Just answer the call.
We need your help. If you’ve tested positive for COVID-19, a Public Health Nurse will be reaching out via phone to you and your close contacts to slow the spread. We’ll make sure that you are getting the medical attention you need and support through quarantine. 
Your caller ID will show a number you will not recognize. Please answer the call so we can slow the spread of COVID-19!
Your name will not be released. 

Board of Health

The Wakefield Board of Health is the policy-making, rule-making, and adjudicatory body for public health. State law give boards of health specific authority and duties. The Wakefield Board of Health may make local public health rules that apply throughout the board’s jurisdiction. The board also influences the day-to-day administration of the Health Department.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Ruth L. Clay, MPH Health Director
Karen Cronin, R.N. Public Health Nurse
Catherine Dhingra Substance Abuse Prevention (SAP) Coordinator
Kara Showers Mass in Motion Coordinator, Youth SAP Coordinator
Cindy Luongo Principal Office Assistant
Coral Hope Health Inspector