Wake-Up Coalition

WAKE-UP logo, green and blackWake-Up (Wakefield Unified Prevention Coalition) is a group of concerned community members, providers, public officials, youth, and parents. The group uses proven strategies to address and reduce the unique community factors that contribute to high-risk behavior in youth and promotes the development of healthy Wakefield youth and families. We are led by a full-time project director and part-time youth coordinator who help lead the coalition to implement several strategies including:

  • increased community education
  • building skills in youth, parents, educators, and community members
  • addressing the physical environment
  • changing policies.  

See their 2022/23 accomplishments.

Wake-Up was formed in 2011 by the Wakefield Health Department, Wakefield Police Department, Wakefield Public Schools, and concerned residents.  In September 2013, Wake-Up was awarded the competitive Drug Free Communities grant, a five year contract totaling $625,000. This grant was renewed in 2018, for a second five-year contract. Wakefield Unified Prevention Coalition has over fifty members with a regular meeting attendance of at least 15-20 people.

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Wake-Up Youth Action Team

The Wake-Up Youth Action Team is a group of teens whose main goal, along with their community partners, is to promote and sustain a positive and healthy future for Wakefield as a whole. They focus on “growing positive flowers,” which includes healthy eating, active living, mental health support, connecting youth to activities, and community resources. They also focus on “shrinking negative weeds,” like decreasing youth vaping, marijuana use, and underage binge drinking. There are ten Youth Action Team Leaders who work with their peers in the middle and high schools via Youth Action Team Clubs. There are over 75 members of the the Galvin Middle School and Wakefield Memorial High clubs.  

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