Environmental Sustainability Committee

The Town of Wakefield recognizes that sustainable environmental practices are critical to protecting and enhancing the ecological and economic health of our community and surrounding areas. Addressing environmental and energy issues, such as resource conservation, waste reduction and energy efficiency, can contribute to the well-being of the Town and its businesses, residents and ecosystems. This committee will work with the Town Administrator, Town Departments, Boards, and Commissions to assist and advise on ways to encourage balanced and responsible environmental stewardship.

Connect with us at ESC@wakefield.ma.us.

The Committee will: 

  • Review and comment on Town policies and practices to determine opportunities for improved and cost-effective sustainability programs, such as conservation, waste reduction, and energy efficiencies;
  • Engage with Town Departments and Committees/Commissions on existing or proposed initiatives;
  • Identify resources, grants, and programs that can reinforce sustainability goals;
  • Propose, encourage and promote local sustainability projects and initiatives (Rain Barrel, composting, recycling); and
  • Engage in public awareness and education.

Committee Composition

The committee is appointed by the Town Council and is represented by:
  • a member of the Town Council 
  • a member of WMGLD 
  • a member of the School Committee 
  • a member of the DPW Staff
  • four members of the public 
  • a student liaison as a non-voting member.

Board Members

Name Title
Robert Darnell Chairperson, May 2022
Mary Hajjar Vice Chair, May 2022
Robin Greenberg Secretary, May 2022
Myra Sessions Board Member, May 2022
Joseph Conway DPW Director
Jennifer L. Kallay WMGLD Commission Representative
Julie Smith-Galvin Town Council Representative
Suzy Veilleux School Committee Representative
Sophie Brown Student Liaison
Addie Festel Student Liaison
Liz Sheridan Student Liaison
Cameron Sweeney Student Liaison