Emergency Fund

The Town of Wakefield’s Emergency Fund is administered by the Town Administrator's office to help Wakefield residents in times of need. The fund will be flexible to meet the diverse needs of induvial situations. Assistance could range from gift cards for families who lost their possessions in a fire, groceries for those who lose power, or assisting with funeral service costs. 

In every case, the goal of the fund is to offer one-time aid that helps a family get back on its feet. By paying a portion of rent or clearing an overdue utility bill, families avoid getting into a debt spiral that can result in utility shutoffs, eviction, and homelessness. 

Applicants must be residents of Wakefield, but beyond that, the fund administrator has discretion to determine the applicant's need and the level of assistance. This allows the Town to provide financial help to residents in situations that may fall outside the normal parameters for receiving government aid and, in many cases, to deliver the aid more speedily than other agencies. The fund will never give money directly to recipients but instead will make payments on their behalf for rent, utilities, or other needs. 

The fund administrator can also makes referrals to other agencies, such as local food pantries, the local housing authority, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Council on Aging. The hope is that the Emergency Fund will be funded entirely by donations.

Make a Donation

The fund's initial donation was from Tonno’s of Wakefield, who donated $13,000. If you are in a position to make a donation, you are encouraged to use our secure online portal. All donations are tax-deductible.

Application Process

Completed application forms should be submitted to the Town Adminstrator's office at sdalton@wakefield.ma.us.

Photo ID and proof of residence are required. Applicants should complete this form detailing income, expenses, and debt. The fund administrator often holds an interview as well, to determine the applicant's greatest need and possible other sources of help. All information is confidential and remains within the Town Administrator's office; however, applicants may sign a release allowing the fund administrator to contact other agencies directly on the resident's behalf.