Community Branding and Wayfinding Advisory Committee

On August 14, 2017, the Board of Selectmen (now known as the Town Council) voted to engage Favermann Design to develop a branding and wayfinding strategy for the Town of Wakefield.  Subsequently, a 21-member committee was created with town officials, local stakeholders, and the general public represented.

On May 31, 2018,  Favermann Design reviewed recommendations for kiosk placement and design.

Committee Members

Mark Favermann, Paul DiNocco, Ed Dombroski, Stephen Maio, Paul Reavis, Richard Stinson, Katie Lafferty, Lt. Steven Skory, Kara Showers, Colleen Getty, Daniel Benjamin, Robert DiBella, Michael Wolnik, Laurie Hunt, Jeff Klapes, Susan Wetmore, Sandy Habib Doody, Jack Palano, Tom Watson, Kaitlan Dolan, and Connor Beebe.