Public Works

The Town of Wakefield has partnered with Shaw's Wakefield to
Fill a Public Works Truck
to support the
Wakefield Food Pantry

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DROPOFF  ~  Week of May 21st thru May 25th at the following locations:
Town Hall1 Lafayette Street)
Mon-Wed (8am-4:30pm)
Thurs (8am-7pm)
Friday (8am-12:00 noon)
Shaw’s Wakefield, 134 Water Street
Saturday May 26th (9am-12:00 noon)
PICKUP  ~  Thursday May 24th 
To arrange for your goods to be picked up,
please contact the DPW at 781-246-6301 x4120

Curbside Collection of Yardwaste
Saturday May 19th

Yardwaste MUST be curbside prior to 7:00am

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Wakefield Public Works
Water Meter Replacement Program

The DPW has been in the process of replacing/installing water meters and remote reading devices throughout Town.  The contractor hired by the Town to install the meters and remote reading device is Thielsch Engineering from Cranston, Rhode Island.

The company “Thielsch Engineering” is working with “USI Services” who is coordinating the replacement program and phone call for Thielsch Engineering.

It is important that your meter be replaced to insure you are receiving actual meter readings (not estimates) on a timely (every 90 days) basis.  There is no charge for replacing the meter.

If you receive a card from Thielsch Engineering / USI Services, please call the number listed on the card to arrange an appointment for the replacement of the meter.

Should you have a questions regarding the replacement program, please do not hesitate to contact the DPW at (781) 246-6301, ext. 4120 and ask for Carol Antonelli, DPW Business/Operations Manager.

Thank you for your cooperation, your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Richard Stinson
Director of Public Works


·       Greenwood Avenue (Pitman Ave to Oak Street) - Oct 16



~ Stoneham Line to Hopkins Street ~
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Wakefield Department of Public Works
 Online Payment Center

The DPW has created an Online Payment Center for the transactions listed below.  The online payment center went live on January 31st, 2017.  The goal of the payment center is to make it easier for residents to receive and pay for transactions.

•    Cemetery Payment
•    Orange Refuse Bags
•    Refuse Container Rental
•    Street Dumpster Permit
•    White Goods – CRT/TV’s curbside pickup Stickers
•    Yard Waste Permits

The online payment center allows you to pay by electronic check or credit card for the transactions listed above.  Additionally, if you are visiting the DPW office at Town Hall, you will also have the opportunity to pay by electronic check or credit card for the above transactions.  Please note:  there are transaction fees associated with the payment section.  You can find the schedule of fees associated with electronic check and credit cards on the payment site.

When you visit the DPW website:  you will find on the left hand side of the page, under the DPW Menu section - “Pay DPW Service/Fee”.  When you click on the title it will take you to the payment system for the above items.  Each item has an extensive list of important notes associated with the transaction and required information.  This section is similar to the “Pay Water/Sewer Bill” section.

Below we have provided some brief information that will assist you with each item.  More detailed procedures, information and requirements are provided under the Important Information section related to each of the six (6) transaction items.

  • Cemetery Payment
    The Cemetery payment section allows you to pay your cemetery invoice online.  You will need the cemetery bill #, Lot/Sec, Burial Plot Owner, Burial name and Contact Information so that we can make sure the amount paid is allocated to the correct account.
  • Orange Refuse Bags
    You can purchase up to two packages of orange refuse bags online, which can be picked up at Town Hall during regular business hours.  You will need to print your order confirmation receipt and bring it to the DPW office at Town Hall.  Orange Overflow Refuse Bags are for the collection of residential refuse of Wakefield Residents Only.  Orange Refuse Bags are NOT available for commercial refuse.  The following items cannot be disposed of in the orange refuse bags: Recyclable items, Hazardous Waste or Materials, or Construction Debris.
  • Refuse Container Rental
    The Refuse Container Rental payment section allows you to pay your annual rental fee for the for the blue refuse container.  You will need the bill # and contact information so that we can make sure the amount paid is allocated to the correct account.
  • Street Dumpster Permit
    The Street Dumpster Permit payment section allows you to pay your street dumpster permit online once your permit is approved.  You will need the bill # and Contact Information so that we can make sure the amount paid is allocated to the correct account.  Bill #’s are assigned when the permit is approved.
  • White Goods – CRT/TV’s curbside pickup Stickers
    White Goods – CRT/TV curbside pickup stickers can be purchased on-line by using the payment section.  The fee is $20 per item.  If a White Goods-CRT/TV sticker is ordered seven (7) days before your collection, it will be mailed to you.  If ordered less than seven (7) days before your collection day, bring your receipt to the DPW office in Town Hall and you will be provided a sticker for each of the items you ordered a sticker for.  White Goods – CRT/TV curbside collection occurs on the last full week of each month on your regular trash collection day.
  • Yard Waste Permits for the Nahant Street Yard Waste Site
    Yard Waste Permits can be purchased on-line by using the payment section.  Yard Waste Permits are for Wakefield Residents Only.  The fee is $25 per calendar year season.  Your yard waste permit will be mailed to you.  Please allow five (5) business days for the receipt of the permit.  The yard waste site is open to Wakefield Residents per the published schedule.  Permits can be ordered on-line beginning March 15th of each season.  Commercial vehicles are NOT allowed to enter the site.

ONLINE PAYMENTS:  The process for residents to pay for the transactions listed above is simple. With your checkbook or charge in hand, follow the prompts from the Payment Center you will be using (transaction fees do apply).

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the DPW during regular business hours at (781) 246-6301, ext. 4120.

A Proclamation by the
Wakefield Board of Selectmen


DPW ~ General Overview

The Public Works Department consists of ten divisions and is responsible for maintaining the towns infrastructure and facilities consisting of Public Ways, Parks, Public Grounds, Town Cemeteries, Water Distribution System, Water treatment, Sewer Collection System, Public Shade Trees, Town Buildings, Town Vehicles and Drainage System. Additionally, the Department provides services such as: Refuse Collection, Recycling, Yard Waste Disposal, Street Sweeping, Snow & Ice Removal, support services to other town departments, etc.

The goal of the Department is to provide efficient, effective and economical services to the citizens of the Town. 

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