Complete Streets Program

The MassDOT Complete Streets Funding Program provides technical assistance and construction funding to eligible municipalities. A complete street is one that provides safe and accessible options for all travel modes—walking, biking, transit and vehicles—for people of all ages and abilities. Improvements may be large scale (ie. corridor-wide improvements) or focused on the needs of a single mode.

To be eligible for funding, municipalities must:

2020 Update

On February 11, 2020, Envision Wakefield Downtown project leaders announced Complete Streets funding for upgrades to Albion Street. A virtual meeting took place on July 30 where residents and business owners discussed Albion’s design and reconstruction plan. With the potential for Albion to serve as a model for the larger Envision Wakefield Downtown Revitalization initiative, time was also spent discussing streetscape and landscape themes for the Main Street portion of that project.

To prioritize work within the budget of this particular Complete Streets grant, Albion's Phase One concept was created. Phase Two will include improvements west of North Ave. and lighting upgrades.

Complete Streets Working Group Members

  • Town Administrator
  • Director of Public Works
  • Town Planner
  • Town Engineer
  • Stormwater Manager
  • Traffic Advisory Committee Chairperson
  • A member of the Town's Advisory Board of Works
  •  A member of the Board of Health
  • A representative of the Wakefield Rail-to-Trail Committee