DPW Forms and Applications

We accept cash or checks payable to the Town of Wakefield for required fees and deposits. Fees and deposits must be paid separately, so be aware that this process may require multiple checks. For any further instuctions or questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 781-246-6309.


Bid Registration Form
View open bids and requests and utilize this form to formalize your interest.


Contractor's License Application
All right-of-way and utility permits, with the exception of Class 1 permits, must be obtained by a contractor licensed in the Town of Wakefield. 


Right-Of-Way & Utility Systems Permit Application
In order to protect the integrity of all right-of-ways open to the public, assure the protection of all structures within and adjacent to these right-of-ways, and provide optimum safety and convenience for the public, permission must be obtained from the Department of Public Works before any cutting, obstruction or disturbance is undertaken within the public right-of-way. These guidelines should be followed during the permit process.