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The Town Clerk is the official record keeper for the Town of Wakefield. Records kept by the office include, but are not limited to, Vital Statistics (birth, marriage and death certificates), Business Certificates, and decisions of the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board. The Town Clerk is the keeper of the Town Seal.

2017 Campaign Finance Reports 

Due Date: January 22, 2018

  Office of the Town Clerk

Betsy Sheeran, Town Clerk

(781) 246-6383

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The campaign finance law, M.G.L. c.55, requires elected officials to file a campaign disclosure report (Form CPF M102) with the office of the Town Clerk on or before JANUARY 22, 2018.

The report must disclose all campaign finance activity, all funds and in-kind contributions received, expenses paid and liabilities incurred from the day following the ending date of the last report filed through December 31, 2017.

A copy of the M102 form is available by clicking here. Please ensure that your report is complete before filing. Reports that do not conform with the law cannot be accepted by this office and must be returned to you for correction. Your report must be received by this office no later than 4:30 p.m. on January 22, 2018.

The campaign finance law mandates that a CIVIL PENALTY OF $25 PER DAY, UP TO $5,000 TOTAL, be assessed personally against a candidate for any report that is filed after the due date and upon referral to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance. In addition, failure to file the report as required will subject you to referral to the Attorney General.

If the official does not have a political committee organized on her/his behalf and if she/he has not received any contributions, made any expenditures or incurred any liabilities during this reporting period, and there is no previous campaign balance, they may, if they choose, simply sign an M102-0 affidavit form stating those facts. The M102-0 form is available by clicking here.

If there are any questions about the filing requirements or any other campaign finance matter, please do not hesitate to contact the office of the Town Clerk.

Campaign Finance Report Form

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Staff Contacts

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Betsy Sheeran Town Clerk
Rose Morgan Principal Office Assistant
Denise Oates Senior Office Assistant 781-246-6383
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