Town Census and Street List

Why is the census important?

In accordance with Massachusetts General Law c51,s4, the Town Clerk's office sends census forms annually to all Wakefield households. The census is critical for Wakefield to maintain accurate population information for municipal services, calculate state and federal funding allocations, and project school enrollments and costs. It also assists individuals with proof of residence for housing and veterans’ benefits, in-state college tuition, insurance benefits, and more.

How do I comply?

  • If the census form received in the mail is accurate, sign it and send it to the Town Clerk’s office.
  • If updates need to be made, please make the changes on the form as indicated.
  • Forms are due back within 10 days of receipt.
  • A blank census form copy is avaiable here.

What happens if I don't return my census?

While returning your census form does not register you to vote, failure to respond for two consecutive years shall result in removal from the active voting list and may result in removal from the voter registration rolls, per Massachusetts Law. 

Wakefield's Annual Street List

Based on the results of the town census, Wakefield’s Street List Guide is published. This Street List Guide contains the names and addresses of all residents 17 years of age or older.