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It is the contractor's responsibility to make certain that he/she has received any/all addenda related to this contract, prior to the Bid Opening date.

To receive addenda, updates, and other correspondence related to a bid, you must register for the bid you are interested in.  The Bid Registration Form you complete on our website will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate contact person once you click ‘Submit’.  You will then be added to the ‘Bidders List” of the Bid # you referenced on your Bid Registration Form.

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Invitation for Bid
2019-13 RFP Refuse & Yard Waste Collection and Delivery Services
(due 3/15/19 at 11:00am)

All questions must be submitted on or before 3/12/19 10:00am

* 2019-09 Equipment & Labor Bid
(due 3/1/19 at 10:00am)

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Request for Proposal
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Request for Quote
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Bid Results
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