Water Meter Replacement Program

Wakefield Public Works
Water Meter Replacement Program

The DPW has been in the process of replacing/installing water meters and remote reading devices throughout Town.  The contractor hired by the Town to install the meters and remote reading device is Thielsch Engineering from Cranston, Rhode Island.

The company “Thielsch Engineering” is working with “USI Services” who is coordinating the replacement program and phone call for Thielsch Engineering.

It is important that your meter be replaced to insure you are receiving actual meter readings (not estimates) on a timely (every 90 days) basis.  There is no charge for replacing the meter.

If you receive a card from Thielsch Engineering / USI Services, please call the number listed on the card to arrange an appointment for the replacement of the meter.

Should you have a questions regarding the replacement program, please do not hesitate to contact the DPW at (781) 246-6301, ext. 4120 and ask for Carol Antonelli, DPW Business/Operations Manager.

Thank you for your cooperation, your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Richard Stinson
Director of Public Works