Lead Information

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) and Wakefield water distribution mains do not add lead to the water. The MWRA's posts their annual water test results online. However, lead can leach into the water through the service line that goes from the street to a house or from household plumbing and fixtures such as a faucet.

Since the 1990s, we have had a program in place to address lead in the water. Here is what Wakefield is doing to reach our goals:

  • Reviewing the work done in the 1990s and all service cards to identify any remaining lead services in the system. If we identify any lead services, we contact the homeowners and work with them to address replacement of the service lines.
  • Encouraging homeowners to inspect the interior plumbing of their homes for any lead connections and, if found, recommending that they have a licensed plumber replace the connections.
  • With the MWRA, continuing to optimize our water treatment process to make the water less corrosive.
  • Testing the system in accordance with EPA and MassDEP guidelines. The program requires us to perform 30 tests every three years, plus test two schools. As a best practice, the Town tests all schools when sampling.
  • Staying up‐to‐date on the latest EPA and MassDEP Guidelines related to lead and modify our program to incorporate the best available information. 

If you have any questions about lead in your drinking water and would like to have it tested, please contact the Department of Public Works.