Water Division

About the Division

The Town of Wakefield uses an average of 1.9 million gallons of water a day. About 91 percent was supplied by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) in 2018 through three connections. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) limits the amount of water the Town can take from Crystal Lake to a maximum of 580,000 gallons per day. Therefore, we use the Broadway Treatment and Pumping Facility to supplement the MWRA supply and to aid in times of high demand, such as in the summer or fire-fighting situations. The Broadway Facility can also temporarily supply 100 percent of the Town’s water in the event of an emergency, such as interruptions in the MWRA supply. This dependability makes the Broadway Facility an invaluable part of Wakefield’s system. 

The Wakefield Water Department maintains and operates the Broadway Treatment Facility, approximately 110 miles of water mains, 900 fire hydrants, the Linden Street water booster station, the Harts Hill Standpipe, pressure reducing valves, blow off valves, and multiple gate and service valves. We maintain the system including leak detection, repairs to main breaks, water main replacement, re­placing older water meters, water main flushing, replacing hydrants, and responding to the needs and concerns of our residents. We conduct a thorough water sampling and testing program meeting all State and Federal requirements. We also maintain an active Cross Connection Control Program, continuously inspecting facilities and testing devices to protect the water system from contamination. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Steven Fitzpatrick Sewer and Water Divisions Supervisor