National Grid’s Woburn-to-Wakefield Line Project

Woburn-to-Wakefield Line Project and National Grid logo in blue

Under the direction of National Grid, the Woburn-to-Wakefield Line Project is a new underground electric transmission line to be built in Wakefield, Stoneham, Winchester, and Woburn. The line addresses potential overloads on existing transmission lines first identified in ISO-NE’s 2008 Needs Assessment, reevaluated in 2013/2014, and confirmed in ISO-NE’s 2015 Needs Assessment.

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According to National Grid, the project will result in a more reliable electric transmission grid in the Greater Boston area that will allow them to continue to deliver electricity to folks the region. They also cite benefits such as:

  • Being better able to deliver electricity to community partners like the Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department
  • Curb to curb paving provided for impacted streets
  • Replacement of 4,200 feet of existing municipal steel gas line on Salem Street
  • Clean up and paving of the MBTA right-of-way for project will facilitate Wakefield’s  plans for future recreational trail along unused railway
  • New sound wall at Wakefield Junction Substation
  • Increase tax revenue for the Town of Wakefield
    • Est. $1.58 million tax revenue in first year after in service (2021)
    • Est. $7.3 million cumulative tax revenue first five years after in service