Deputy Collector (Excise Tax)

Failure to pay an excise tax bill may prevent the registered owner from renewing a driver's license or registering another vehicle. All outstanding Motor Vehicle Excise tax bills that remain unpaid after the demand due date are turned over to our Deputy Tax Collector for further collection. 
Further collection includes the issuance of both a first- and second-warrant notice and the marking of the outstanding motor vehicle tax bill at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles for non-payment. 

The Town of Wakefield's Deputy Collector for the collection of outstanding excise tax bills is Kelley & Ryan Associates, Inc. If you have any questions regarding a warrant, call Kelley & Ryan Associates at 508-473-9660 or 800-491-9788. 

You can pay for an overdue motor vehicle excise tax bill online or visit one of their locations throughout Massachusetts.