Can I pay my bills online?

Yes. Through the Town of Wakefield's online bill payment center, the town offers online bill payment that is truly electronic. Payment through your bank's online bill payment is not an acceptable form of payment. Pay Real Estate, Personal Property (business), Motor Vehicle Excise and Water bills on the town's website.  When paying via ACH, there is no charge; however, when using a credit card, there is a fee for that convenience (the fees are listed on the online payment center). Click here to go to the Online Payment website. Click on “select activity” and complete each screen to process your payment. Remember not to confuse Personal Property (business) with Real Estate (home). Also, be sure to check with your financial institution to verify the correct routing number. When supplying the data, be sure to use caution to avoid payment returns. There is no charge when paying with your check, but there is a processing fee when paying with a credit card. Master Card, Discover, Visa and American Express are accepted.

For payment of a motor vehicle excise bill that has gone to warrant, please click on the "Deputy Collector" link for payment instructions.