Sweetser Lecture Advisory Committee

In 1881, Cornelius Sweetser left $10,000 to the Town of Wakefield to be held in trust to provide "such lectures as will tend to improve and elevate the public mind," and to pay the proceeds "to such charitable organizations...as the municipal officers...may designate to be distributed among the worthy poor..." 

Through a Town Meeting vote in 1885, the Wakefield Selectmen (now Town Council) became the administrators of the income and distribution of the net proceeds of the Sweetser Lecture Fund. The same vote authorized the Selectmen to appoint a committee to act in this matter for the Town.  

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Board Members

Name Title
Jeanne Blumer Committee Member
Robert L. Burk Committee Member
Richard A. Henshaw Committee Member
Helen Hincman Committee Member
Susan K. Kilkelly Committee Member
Lorraine Lackey Committee Member
Sara M. Murphy Committee Member
Joan R. Neale Committee Member
Diane Lind Committee Member
Joseph G. Spear Committee Member