Snow & Ice Removal

The Department of Public Works is committed to keeping the streets open, traffic moving, and returning the Town’s streets and sidewalks to a safe condition for winter travel as quickly as possible after each and every storm. We also encourage all residents, visitors, and businesses to remove their vehicles from the roadways during winter storm events. 

Property-Owner Responsibilities

Town bylaws require the owners of commercial property and multi-family (4+) residences to clear the sidewalks abutting their properties of snow within 24 hours after a storm has ended. We ask all owners’ assistance in ensuring our residents and guests can travel safely here in Town. If you have any concerns about any road or sidewalk conditions, please report it to the DPW for followup.

Clearing the Way

The DPW maintains the town’s 105 miles of road during the winter months. We sand and salt during ice and wet snow storms and plow snow off roadways during more significant storms, for 560 total streets and approximately 250 lane miles. The DPW also oversees the removal of snow in the downtown area and public buildings as required. The Town of Wakefield’s snow and ice plan follows clearly identified routes when removing snow and ice from streets, sidewalks and town parking areas. Although the majority of snowplowing and snow removal work is performed by the DPW, we also utilize the services of local contractors to complement the our fleet.