Refuse, Recycling, Yard Waste

icons of blue trash and recycling containersRefuse

The Town of Wakefield implemented an automated refuse trash collection program in 2014. This automated system helps to increase recycling rates, improve operations and the environment, reduce the cost of refuse collection and disposal, and provide for a clean community.

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The Town has an every-other-week single stream manual recycling program that is designated as red and blue weeks. Recycling materials are combined in the same container without sorting. Residents can use a trash barrel or their existing recycling container. Barrels used for recycling must be clearly marked with a recycling sticker. Stickers can be obtained, free of charge, at the Wakefield DPW office at the Town Hall.

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Bulky Items, TVs, and White Goods

We encourage you to recycle as many items as possible. The DPW will pick up TVs, CRTs, white goods, and bulky items, though some require a sticker or advance notice for pickup.

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Yard Waste

In addition to curbside collection, the DPW maintains the Nahant Street Yard Waste Facility. Yard Waste cannot be disposed with regular household trash.

Learn more about ways to dispose of yard waste and participate in our compost-bin program.