Can You Recycle it?

If you're unsure about an item, use the RecycleSmartMA Recyclopedia search tool to see if your item can go into the recycling bin. View the RecycleSmartMA guide as a quick reference anytime.

Can You Repurpose it?

Instead of tossing usable items, give them to a charity or other organization that will pass them along to others. Check out the Beyond the Bin directory or these resources from the Mass Department of Environmenetal Protection for donation options.

NEW! Scrap Metal Recycling

Wakefield’s Public Works Department is excited to offer a new scrap-metal recycling opportunity to residents. This free service is available at the Nahant Street Yard Waste site; no permit is needed to participate. Residents can bring metal items, including wire hangers, pots and pans, folding chairs, golf clubs, and metal shelving, to the site during operating hours and dispose of them responsibly in the dedicated metal-recycling dumpster. Learn more about the program and what can be recycled at the Site.

Textile Recycling

Wakefield's Recycling Program

Wakefield has an every-other-week, single-stream recycling program that is designated with red and blue weeks. 

Residents use their existing recycling containers or a trash barrel with a recycling sticker. Stickers are available at Town Hall at no cost. Single-stream recycling allows all materials to be placed in the same container; residents will not need to separate cans, bottles, plastics, paper, and cardboard. Recycling collection is mandatory for all residents who receive Town refuse collection. There is no limit to the number of recycling containers that can be put out during your designated week.

Cardboard Disposal Option
Are the shipping boxes from your online deliveries overwhelming your recycling pile? Feel free to drop off your clean, dry corrugated cardboard at the Nahant Street yardwaste site (“the Pit”). A new disposal container is available to residents when the yardwaste site is open, and no permit is required to use it.  This disposal container is different than residential curbside recycling bins in that this will not be sent to a sorting facility; the container will be for corrugated cardboard only. Corrugated board contains the extra layer of fiber that zig-zags between the brown sheets, making it tougher to tear and sturdier for shipping. Please do not use this service for cereal boxes, shoeboxes, pizza boxes, or other paper products. A load free of contamination will allow the Town to sell the cardboard and cover the costs of the service.

Those taking advantage of the disposal site should only bring dry, flattened corrugated cardboard that is free of Styrofoam, peanuts, plastic wrap, or bubble wrap. Tape and labels on a box are acceptable, though it should be free from oil and grease.

Curbside recycling that is mixed with non-recyclables or food is contaminated and will not be collected. Avoid placing the following items in your recycling:

  • plastic bags
  • styrofoam
  • tissues, paper towels, napkins
  • waxed paper or waxed cardboard
  • drinking glasses, window glass
  • metal clothes hangers
  • scrap metal
  • Tyvek envelopes
  • plastic 6-pack holders
  • mirrors, ceramics, or Pyrex
  • light bulbs, plates, or vases
  • hazardous or bio-hazardous waste
  • stickers or sheets of address labels (affixed address labels and stamps are ok)
  • oil or oil products

Please flatten all cardboard boxes and empty and rinse all containers.