Step 7: Certificate of Occupancy

Once construction is complete and the local building inspector has made the appropriate final inspections, an application for a certificate of occupancy can be requested with our Building Department. A certificate of occupancy is required even if no building permits are needed.

In general, a certificate of occupancy will be issued when all of the departments listed on the certificate form determine that your business meets the standards and regulations established by that department. If the business involves food, a final inspection by the Health Department is required and is usually completed 12-24 hours prior to the opening of the establishment. 

Do you need a merchant parking pass? Merchant permits allow vehicles to park in designated merchant spaces throughout the downtown and Greenwood area. Permits do not exempt the holder from any other parking violations. The platform connects directly to Wakefield’s parking enforcement system, eliminating the need for drivers to hang parking permits in their vehicles; you will not receive a physical permit. Purchase a parking permit.

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