Wakefield’s John Couture and Elton Sawyer Receive the 2022 Public Works First Responder Award

Wakefield Department of Works employees John Couture and Elton Sawyer recently received the 2022 Public Works First Responder Award from New England APWA (American Public Works Association). This prestigious award was given in recognition of their extraordinary call to action in service to others after an incident this spring.

While performing utility mark-outs in Wakefield’s downtown, Couture and Sawyer witnessed an individual collapse on a nearby sidewalk. After an evaluation, the pair determined the individual to be unresponsive. Couture and Sawyer immediately called for medical assistance and performed CPR until paramedics arrived to take over support of the patient.

This well-deserved award was presented at a ceremony in Quincy, MA on May 18, 2022, attended by over 300 public works colleagues from across New England.

(left to right) Wakefield Public Works employees Elton Sawyer and John Couture.
Two men in shirts and ties holding Public Works First Responder Awards (John Couture and Elton Sawyer)