Mosquito, Tick, and Rodent Control

Mosquitoes and Ticks

Mosquito control is provided by the town’s membership in the East Middlesex Mosquito Control Program. The services include mosquito and wetland surveillance, larval and adult mosquito control, ditch maintenance, and public education. Wakefield residents who would like to exclude their property from mosquito control spraying can submit an exclusion request.

Information on the spray schedule is available via a recorded message at 781-893-5759 and at the project website. Questions about the East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project can be directed to them at (781) 899-5730.


Rodent Control

If rodents are on your property, you will likely see some or all of the following:. 

  • Burrows. These holes in dirt and concrete are from one to four inches wide with smooth edges. They can be found under bushes and plants and along foundations or walls. 
  • Droppings. These are often found close to garbage; if they are moist and dark, it is a sign that rats are active in the area. 
  • Holes. Gnaw marks are generally present on plastic trash barrels. 
  • Runways. These paths, with dark, greasy track marks, are created by rats from constant movement. 

To control rats you must remove what they need to survive: food, water, shelter, and ways to get around. Good sanitation helps eliminate a food source and keeps rats at bay. Store trash properly in recepticles and keep them covered at all times. If you are a tenant in your property, notify the owner if your receptacles become cracked, broken, or lose their covers. Eliminate breeding areas by keeping vegetation short and cutting back landscaping away from the building's foundation. Avoid accumulating debris and do not store pet food outside. If you notice any evidence of rodent activity on your property, contact a professional exterminator to properly eradicate the issue.  

The Health department is responsible for enforcement of the State Sanitary Code, which covers sanitation violations on private property. To request more information or enforcement, please call us at 781-246-6375.