National Grid Wakefield-to Woburn Line Updates

map with blue line showing transmission line through towns

Under the direction of National Grid, the Woburn-to-Wakefield Line Project is a new underground electric transmission line being built in Wakefield, Stoneham, Winchester, and Woburn. The line addresses potential overloads on existing transmission lines first identified in ISO-NE’s 2008 Needs Assessment, reevaluated in 2013/2014, and confirmed in ISO-NE’s 2015 Needs Assessment.

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Roadway Updates

Allowable work hours remain 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Moving forward, barring inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances crews plan to continue construction on Saturdays. Among the updates National Grid noted on June 20:

  • This week’s schedule calls for excavation and duct bank installation on Albion Street between 348 Albion and Broadway. 
    • Detour in place at Mountain Avenue and Jordan Avenue.  
  • Elsewhere along the route, short-term activity may take place at various locations as crews work to proof previously installed sections of duct bank.

Once all project construction is complete, the project route will be repaved, curb-to-curb, at National Grid’s expense. This includes sections of Albion Street, Broadway Street, North Avenue, Main Street, Salem Street, and Montrose Avenue as well as street crossings at Bennett Street, Richardson Street, and Water Street.

If you have questions about any of our current or upcoming work, please feel free to contact a member of the project outreach team at or 1-844-646-8427.

August 2021 Update

After more than 6 years of planning and construction, we’re happy to announce that the Woburn to Wakefield Line Project in Wakefield is more than 75% complete. On behalf of National Grid and the Town of Wakefield, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your patience, understanding, and cooperation over the duration of the project. Thanks to a coordinated effort by contractors in the field and Wakefield officials from the Wakefield Gas and Light Department, Department of Public Works (DPW), and the Police and Fire Departments, National Grid has been able to install approximately 2.5 miles of new underground electric transmission cable between the Stoneham border and National Grid’s Wakefield Junction Substation.

Once our remaining work is complete and the new cables have been energized, the project will ensure National Grid’s ability to deliver continuous, reliable power locally to Wakefield’s Municipal Gas and Light Department and to its Greater Boston-area customers.

As part of the agreement between National Grid and the Town of Wakefield, National Grid has funded the Wakefield Gas and Light Department’s replacement work of approximately 4,200 feet of existing steel gas pipe; cleared, cleaned, and paved the unused MBTA Right-of-Way (between Richardson Street and Salem Street); and built two new sound mitigating walls at the Wakefield Junction Substation.

National Grid had also committed to curb-to-curb restoration of the project route once the duct bank installations are complete. To best coordinate this work with other work on town roads, the DPW has agreed to take over responsibility of the restoration schedule and management and National Grid will continue to fully fund the scope of this work.

As of this writing, curb-to-curb restoration will take place once all duct bank installations are complete. Until then, National Grid will maintain the temporary asphalt paving along completed section of the project route.

On behalf of the Woburn to Wakefield Line Project Team, National Grid, and the Town of Wakefield, we again thank you for your patience, understanding, and cooperation over the past few years. As we work through the final phase of the project and restoration, you can always reach us via email at or on our hotline at 844-646-8427.

Additional Woburn-to-Wakefield Line Information

According to National Grid, the project will result in a more reliable electric transmission grid in the Greater Boston area that will allow them to continue to deliver electricity to folks the region. They also cite benefits such as:

  • Being better able to deliver electricity to community partners like the Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department
  • Curb to curb paving provided for impacted streets
  • Replacement of 4,200 feet of existing municipal steel gas line on Salem Street
  • Increase tax revenue for the Town of Wakefield
  • Clean up and paving of the MBTA right-of-way
  • New sound walls at Wakefield Junction Substation