Step 6: Licenses Issued by the Town Council

Our Town Council can issue licenses that may be required for your establishment. Be sure to determine the date and time your application will be considered; you will be required to attend the Council’s meeting the night your application is heard.  

Common Victualer's License

A common victualer's license is granted by Wakefield’s Town Council and approval requires M.G.L. c. 140, § 6 compliance and resolution of all health, fire, and building department issues. The application for a common victualer's license should be filed at least four weeks prior to the planned opening of your establishment.  

Alcohol Licenses

Contact the Town Council’s office at the beginning of the permit process to determine alcohol-license availability and obtain assistance. Note that beverages are considered food and proper plans must be submitted to the Board of Health.    

Entertainment License

An entertainment license is required for any form of entertainment, whether a cable television installation or live performances. 

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