Assessment Forms

Checklist and check markProperty Tax Abatement Form

Applications for property tax abatements are available at the Assessors' office and online by clicking here. Forms may be filed after the third quarter tax bill is mailed, usually late December, and on or before the due date of that bill, usually the first business day of February. Any application filed after the date taxes are due cannot be considered by the Assessors per state law.

Income Expense Forms

An income expense form must be completed for all property which is rented or leased. This includes, but is not limited to, apartment, office, retail, industrial, warehouse, commercial, or mixed-use property. Information is filed on an annual basis.

These forms, created by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, will download to your computer when clicked. You can read full instructions to assist you in completing them.

Abutters List Request Form

If you need the Town of Wakefield to produce an abutters list, fill out this request form. The fee for the Assessors' office to create an abutters list of less than 100 parcels is $50. Make checks payable to the Town of Wakefield. Please allow ten business days for the office to compete your request.