Notice of names of persons appearing to be owners of funds held by the Town of Wakefield, and deemed abandoned

Notice of names of persons appearing to be owners of funds held by the Town of Wakefield, and deemed abandoned.

Published October 4, 2017

According to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 200A, checks issued by the Town of Wakefield are void if not cashed within three years from the date of issue.

  • If your name is on the list below, please download and print the claim form (also attached below) and submit to the Treasurer’s Office for a replacement check. Claim Forms must be submitted with all the information completed and an original signature. Electronic copies, photocopies and faxed copies will not be accepted. Please bring a photo ID for identification with you, or enclose a copy of a photo ID if mailing.

If you have any question, please contact:

Town of Wakefield Treasurer’s Office
5 Common Street
Wakefield MA 01880

Payroll Tailing Checks
Last Name First Name
Bosco Anna
Boyle Kate J
Costa Rachel M
Devlin Daniel
Donahue Pamela
Duggan Kelsey
Freedman Karen
Kidd John G
Levene Jason P
Lucey Michael
Martignetti Pat
Pendergast Julie
Sweeney Wendy
Tartarini Brian
Trudeau Nicole


Accounts Payable Tailing Check

Last Name First Name
Able Concrete  
Adragna Nicholas
Agunbiade Jayad
Aleo Bruce D
Analyt Digital  
Anderson Megan
Associate Auto  
Azia Nails  
Baldwin Todd
Banks Simeon
Barbour Judith
Bell Daniel J
Bergeron Doug
Bermudez Eladi
Bleiler Kimberly
Blue Moon Grill  
Bodurtha Hanni
Bowen Jessica
Brewer Thomas S
Burke David S
Butterfly Yarn  
C&C Realty TR  
Cahill TR Helen
Campbell  Donald
Carcare Bill
Cardoza James
Carideo Johnson  
Catina Marketing  
Cefalo Philip  
Cherilus Gosder
Children's Hospital  
Clark Philip G
Clooney Ann Est
Colonna Thomas
Colonna Sandra
Comm of MA Appe  
Connerty Frank
Conroy Daniel P
Consumer Finance
Cook Robert E
Croce Wayne S
Cronin Michael
Crown Jewels  
Cuneo Daniel
Daly Renee
Degregorio Thomas
Dicarlo Jennifer
Dicicco Stepha
Dig Safe System  
Doucette Larry
Doyle Lawrence
Fahey Candice A
Fanjoy Neil
Four Washingon  
Francini Saman
Francis William
Freedman Dorothy
Frueh Jennifer
Garby Judith
Gardner Benjamin
Gaul Kevin
GE Supply  
Gerrick Aaron
Gigante Stephe
Goldstein Noah
Gomez Tamara
Graham Michael
Graham Paula
Great Lakes Hi  
Greene Christopher
Gressler Brian
GTY MA/NH Lease  
Harris Jonathan
Hayden Thomas
Heggerty Kevin
Heinstrom David  
Hickey  Thomas T
Honey Dew  
Honey Dew  
Hrabovszky Mikl
Hudson Kenneth
Hudson Trust  
Hydrau Montrose  
Jitterbugs Inc  
Jones School  
Kenney Brendan
Keyes Harold
Kiley Jennifer
KJ and D Corp  
Klidaras Demet
Kohut Dennis
Learning Building  
Lee Aaron
Lenners Gerard
Lopez Gabriel
Lynch John
MacKay Thomas
MacNeil Francis
Majastry Corp  
Manhard Brian
Marino Cathy
Martin Jami L
Mass Cemetery A  
Massachusetts Q  
McGovern Gina
McGrath Cindy
McNeill Daniel
Medugno Frederick
Metco Director  
Metco Director  
Middlesex District  
Middlesex South  
Millinore Jacqu
Minichello Marj
Mirabello Victor
Monastiero  She
Moore Phaedra
Morris Lisa
Muthangya Roy
National Grid  
North Shore Med  
Nunes Matthew
Orelus Elta
Pannese Patrick
PC World  
Pellietier Frede
Pereira Maria
Po Sovy
Pretty Woman  
Pulkkinen Melis
Rabassa Michael
Ragucci Scott
Rahman Janeen
Rang Lim Yi
Rassicci Joseph
RE/MAX Heritage  
Refined Reports  
Registry of Deeds  
Registry of Deeds  
Resturant Depot  
Ricardo Corey
RJ Tucci Development  
Roberto  Kerrie
Roberty  John
Roderick Michael
Roman Luis A
Romp and Roll  
Rosental TRS  
Russo Nicole
Sabatino Anthony
Sadoski Miriam
Salazar Hector
Savage Judith
Scalfani Matthew
Schwartz Jay 
Secatore Andre
Serefini Frank
Seven Eleven  
Shaffer Federic
Shelton Gill
Silva Paxton
Simon Vladimir
Skinner Ryan
South District  
Steuber Tory
Stevenson Alana
Stevenson Alana
Sullivan Matthew
Sullivan Christopher
Tabor Amy S
Tarbell Jr Cha 
Thai Smile Resturant  
Timmons Sean
Transit Realty  
Trident Insurance  
Visible Creation  
Wagner Emily
Wakefield Farmers Market
Wakefield House  
Wayport Inc  
WB Mason  
Weiss Farm Inc  
White  Natasha
Wiswall Marion
Zaleks Roast Beef