2001 Preservation Plan

Preservation Plan - Complete 2001 Plan  (90MB)

Cover-Acknowledgements-Table of Contents (1.6MB)

Executive Summary-10 Major Goals  (3.2MB)

Part 1 - Context of Historic Preservation in Wakefield  (13MB)

Part 2 - Recent Public & Private Historic Preservation Initiatives (10.5MB)


Under Construction . . . .


Part 3 - Issues & Needs Related to Historic Preservation in Wakefield (12.9MB)

Part 4 - Historic Preservation Goals & Objectives (8.5MB)

Part 5 - Five Year Action Plan (6.3MB)

Part 6 - Recommendations for Historic Neighborhoods (7.1MB)

Part 7 - Tools & Techniques to Implement Wakefield's Goals (4.1MB)

Appendix A - How Wakefield's Lakes Were Formed (0.3MB)

Appendix B - Historic Properties Inventory [as of ___ ]  (2MB)

Appendix C - National Register Properties [as of ___ ] (1.5MB)

Appendix D - National Register Nomination Report (12.3MB)

Appendix E - Demilition Delay Bylaw (0.2MB)

Appendix F - Nomination Report for the Reedy Meadow National Natural Landmark (1.2MB)

Apprendix G - Recommendations of the 1986 Wakefield Preservation Plan (0.5MB)

Appendix H - Maps in the Reference Collection at the Lucius Beebe Library (1.8MB)

Appendix I - Historic Maps of Wakefield (3.5MB)

Appendix J - Properties Recommended for Survey (0.5MB)

Appendix K - MOU related to the Woodville School Demolition  (0.3MB)

Appendix L - Existing Georgian & Federal Farmhouses in Wakefield ( 0.4MB)

Appendix M - Promotional & Publicity Material for Two Preservation Forums (1.9MB)

Appendix N - Recommendations of the February 3, 2001 Forum (0.5MB)

Appendix O - Description of the Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (0.4MB)