Social Media Policy for Town Departments

Social Media Policy for Town of Wakefield Departments etc. as of 11-21-2016

Departments, Committees, Commissions and Boards who choose to utilize social media shall:

  1. Establish a well thought out social media work-plan that complements town-wide policies and considers their mission and goals, audience, legal risks, technical capabilities, security issues, emergency response procedures, etc. The work-plan shall be submitted to the Town Administrators Office for review and approval annually. The Town Administrator's Office manages all social media activity for the following offices, Town Admin Office, Town Clerk, Department of Public Works, Assessors Office, Tax Collector, Health Department and all other town departments, commissions, committees and boards.
  2. Social media accounts in existence prior to November 2016 need to be registered with the Town Administrators Office and develop a social media work-plan by July 1, 2017.  Social media accounts without a work-plan approved by the Town Administrators office by July 1, 2017 should be discontinued and consolidated into the Town of Wakefield General News Flow.