Online Bill Payment

  1. Select the type of transaction you wish to make in the left navigation
  2. Enter your account/bill number. There is a “search for your bill” link just above the form fields if you do not have your bill number.
  3. When indicating the year, refer to the fiscal year on the bill
There is no fee for paying with your checking account; however, Unibank charges a nominal processing fee for credit card payments, which you can view here.
Water and sewer discount period
While real estate, personal property, and motor vehicle excise bills provide the exact amount to be paid, there are two different amounts and due dates on the water/sewer bill. If the date you make your payment falls within the discounted payment period, pay that amount. If the early discount period has passed, you owe the larger amount.
For real estate, personal property, or motor vehicle excise assistance, call 781-246-6386. For water and sewer assistance, call 781-246-6305.