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Rubbish Collection Routes
Collection of normal refuse, white goods, and recyclable in accordance with the following schedule:

Regular household refuse                            Recyclable
(weekly)                                                        (every other week)      
District 1 - Monday                                      Route 1 - Red
                                                                        Route 1A - Blue        
District 2 - Tuesday                                      Route 2 - Red
                                                                        Route 2A - Blue        
District 3 - Wednesday                                Route 3 - Red
                                                                        Route 3A - Blue        
District 4 - Thursday                                    Route 4 - Red
                                                                        Route 4A - Blue        
District 5 - Friday                                          Route 5 - Red
                                                                        Route 5A - Blue        
In the event a legal holiday falls on a weekday, collections for that week will be delayed one (1) day for the remainder of that week; i.e., if the holiday is a Monday, rubbish will be collected on a Tuesday.

Acceptable Refuse
(regular refuse collection-weekly)  Acceptable waste shall mean garbage, trash, rubbish, refuse, and offal (hereinafter called waste) collected by the Town of Wakefield.  Also included will be white goods as described below on collection days.
a.  refuse - everyday household rubbish
b.  garbage - garbage must be adequately drained to reduce liquid content.  Garbage must be securely wrapped in at least two (2) layers of paper or equivalent material.  Garbage must be placed in plastic containers with covers or plastic bags.  Loose or improperly containerized garbage will not be collected.
c.  bulk items - furniture, sinks and toilets
d.  white goods - Include the following:  appliances, i.e., stoves, dryers, hot water heaters, washing machines, refrigerators (with doors removed) and air conditioners.  White goods will be picked up the last full week of each month.  Stickers are required - $20.00 each.
e. ashes - cold ashes (placed in plastic bags inserted in metal barrels).  Ashes are to be at least several days old and not smoldering.  This is necessary in order to prevent serious damage to our packers caused by fire and also to avoid possible disruption of refuse collection.

Unacceptable Waste
a.  recyclable - newspapers, newspaper inserts, magazines, phone books, catalogs, bottles, cans and leaves are recyclable.  Additionally, effective January 1, 1993, yard waste (grass clippings, shrub trimmings, etc.) will not be collected with the regular refuse collection.  Cans and bottles should be placed in your recycling container. Newspapers, newspaper inserts, magazines, phone books and catalogs should be in paper bags or tied with string or twine and placed at curbside on the designated recycling day for your district.

b.  other waste - explosive, pathological and biological waste, chemicals (including chlorine), radioactive materials, oil, sludge, highly inflammable substances, cesspool or “human” wastes, human/animal remains, automotive parts, by-product machinery, liquid wastes, nonburnable construction materials, and demolition debris.  Also, hazardous refuse of any kind; i.e., cleaning fluids, crankcase oils, paints, plastic (other than food or household containers), acids, poisons, drugs or earthen composition.  Any item of waste either smoldering or fire or at its kindling point or in the process of supporting combustion.  Also, cast iron bathtubs, household oil tanks, oil burners or the like.

Quantities and Miscellaneous
Eight (8) containers per single family dwelling and sixteen containers per multiple family dwelling.  Each container must not exceed four (4) cubic feet in capacity with a maximum loaded weight of eighty (80) pounds.  Barrels must have suitable lifting handles.  Covers are strongly recommended but are not mandatory except for barrels containing garbage.  Plastic bag volumes must not exceed four (4) cubic feet, weight must not exceed thirty-five (35) pounds.  Debris from broken bags must be disposed of by the homeowner.  Each article (furniture, plastic bags, barrels, etc.) is considered one container.

The recycling container and newspaper placed at curbside on your designated recycling week do not count as one of the eight (8) containers.

When a resident moves they are allowed one collection - on the regularly scheduled collection day - consisting of a maximum of sixteen (16) containers. Residents should call (781) 246-6301 at least one day in advance to notify the DPW of the large pickup. Rubbish containers and recyclables should be at the curbside at 7:00 a.m. on the morning of the scheduled day in an orderly fashion. Refuse may not be left on the sidewalk for collection except after 5:00 p.m. on the day before scheduled pickup. Refuse containers and receptacles shall be removed from the sidewalk within 12 hours after the refuse collection. No person shall remove the contents of receptacles of waste materials set out for collection in the Town of Wakefield.

The Wakefield Board of Public Works has voted to make curbside recycling mandatory.  Your involvement in this program is required as part of the solution to the serious waste management problem we all face.

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