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          Location / Hours of Operation

Forest Glade Cemetery
Lowell Street

Forest Glade Cemetery Office
7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday excluding holidays

Main Cemetery Office
William J. Lee Memorial Town Hall
1 Lafayette Street
Monday through Friday excluding holidays
As Posted

Cemetery Telephone
Main Office
(781) 246-6301

Forest Glade Cemetery
(781) 246-6303


The Forest Glade Cemetery was created when the Town of Wakefield purchased 33 acres of land off Lowell street in 1898.  The land, originally owned by Mrs. Grace Parker and Austin Mansfield, was purchased at a combined cost of $5,375.00.

A three-member Cemetery Commission was established on March 21, 1903.  The first commission included Oliver Walton, chairman; Franklin Nickerson, treasurer; and William H. Butler, secretary.

The Board of Public Works assumed the duties of the Cemetery Commission through the passage of Chapter 48 of the Acts of 1950.  The BPW is responsible for establishing the rules and regulations for the Forest Glade Cemetery.

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the operation, development and maintenance of the Forest Glade Cemetery.

Eligibility Requirements for Lot Purchase
Purchase of graves is restricted as follows:
        1.  Individuals must be deceased
        2.  Deceased must be a resident of Wakefield.
          3.  A maximum of 4 graves may be purchased by a resident relative of the deceased.  A maximum
            of  2 graves may be purchased by a nonresident on behalf of the deceased resident, if there are
            no heirs who reside in Wakefield.
         4.  Multiple graves must be contiguous.
         5.  Grave sites are limited to the interment of the owners and their immediate family.  The immediate
           family is defined as:  father, father's brother or sister, mother, mother's brother or sister, son,
           daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law.

II.     Ownership
         1.  Ownership of a lot descends through the family bloodlines, i.e. from a parent to child or other
           heirs at law.
         2.  The spouse of a deceased owner has the right to burial.
         3.  Heirs of the deceased owner may designate among themselves a spokesperson for the group.

III.    Cost of Graves
The current prices for graves and services are available upon request from the Cemetery Office.
      All charges for Lots and/or graves and interments must be paid within 30 days of burial.
       Opening charges must be paid before the interment.
All checks should be made payable to “Wakefield Public Works.”

IV.     Resale of Graves
         1.  Graves may only be resold to the Town of Wakefield.
         2.  Graves resold to the Town will be purchased at the original selling price.

V.      Deeds
Deeds are required for three or more graves.  Upon purchase of a grave or graves, the Board of Public Works will execute and deliver to the purchaser of a grave or graves a deed with complete description of said grave.

VI.     Perpetual Care
All lots are sold with Perpetual Care.  The amount designated perpetual care is deposited into a perpetual care fund and is administered by the Town Treasurer and Board of Public Works.  The expenditure of interest income from this fund is subject to approval each year by Town Meeting for credit to the cemetery budget.  This in turn helps to defray the cost of maintaining the Cemetery Grounds.

The term “Perpetual Care” means the regular mowing and trimming of lots during the growing season.  In no case shall this mean the maintenance, repair, or replacement of any grave stones, monumental structures or memorials of any kind or the reconstruction of any damaged grave stones, monuments or memorials.  It does not include the planting or maintenance of plants, flowers, or shrubs of any kind.  The cemetery division accepts no responsibility for the growth or survival of any plant, flowers, or shrubs of any kind, planted by the lot owner.

The care and maintenance of plantings, markers and monuments is the responsibility of the owner.

Plant materials which are overgrown or in disrepair and which detract from the overall appearance of the cemetery are subject to removal without notice.

VII.    Interment Requirements
Burials are permitted every day except New Years Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, unless religious beliefs insist otherwise.

All interment orders must be in the office at least 24 hours before burial.

Liner requirement:  A cement liner or vault is required for all interments.  This can be provided by the Funeral Director.

The vault company is required to deliver and install the vault in the designated gravesite.

The Cemetery Division does not provide Pall Bearers.

Due to weather conditions it may be necessary to postpone graveside services and/or interment of
the deceased temporarily.  The final decision to postpone graveside services shall be made by the
Director of Public Works or his designee.

VIII.   Interment of Urns
Each grave site may be used for a maximum of four (4) urns containing ashes.

A maximum of four (4) urns may be inserted with a normal casket burial.

All urns or other receptacles used for permanent interment must be of a durable or lasting material approved by the Director of  Public Works or his designee.

IX.     Monuments
         1.  Maximum monument height is 36 inches from ground up, including base.  Minimum monument
           height is 24 inches.
         2.  Maximum width of monument
                a. single grave - no monument, flush marker only.  No pillow stones.
                b. multiple graves must provide for a 12 inch buffer on both sides of the monument.
       3.  Thickness - not to exceed 16 inches.
       4.  Face of the monument must face in the direction of the deceased.
       5.  No monument that is susceptible to disintegration or corrosion will be permitted, i.e. wooden
          crosses, stuffed animals, balloons, metal, etc.
       6.  No boulder-type monuments allowed.

X.      Foundations / Flush Markers
Accounts must be paid in full prior to accepting work orders for foundation and flush marker installation.

Orders for foundations must be submitted in writing to the Cemetery Office.  All Memorial Day
orders must be received before May 1st.  No foundation orders will be filled between November 15th and April 1st.

Foundations will be built by cemetery employees only.

XI.     Plantings
          1.  No plantings behind the monument, unless it is a multiple lot.
          2.  No plantings on flush markers.
          3.  No plantings within the Veterans section monuments.
          4.  No rose bushes of any variety.
          5.  By December 1st of each year, all cemetery pots and baskets, excluding artificial, will be
           removed by the cemetery division.
          6.  Plantings that exceed grave and/or lot dimensions will be removed by the cemetery division.
          7.  No vegetable planting.
         8.  No trees are allowed to be planted at the grave sites.
           9.  No flower or plant containers made of glass shall be used.
         10.  Individual water systems are not permitted.
         11.  All flowers and plants and their containers are to be removed from individual graves and lots
            when they have become unsightly and unattractive
         12.  All winter baskets shall be removed on or after April 1st of each year.
         13.  Any planting interfering with the maintenance of the cemetery shall be removed.
         14.  Donations are accepted for the memorial planting of trees.  The location shall be determined by
            the cemetery supervisor.

XII.    General Rules
          1.  All vehicles must travel on roadways.
          2.  No motorized, unlicensed bikes, RVs or other vehicles are allowed.
          3.  No cats or dogs allowed in the cemetery
          4.  No barbecues or picnics allowed.
          5.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
          6.  No one is allowed on cemetery grounds after dusk.
          7.  No firearms are allowed in the cemetery, except for military and memorial services, and only with
           the approval of the Director of Public Works or his designee.
         8.  No soliciting of business is allowed within the cemetery.
          9.  All funeral processions in the cemetery are under the direction and control of the Director of
            Public Works or his designee.
         10.  Any aggrieved person may petition the Board of Public Works, at a regularly scheduled public
             meeting, if he or she believes an exception to the within described rules is warranted.    
         11.  Any person who destroys or defaces any monument, tree, shrub, plant or building is guilty of a
            serious offense, punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both.  The law is strict on vandalism in
            cemeteries and will be rigidly enforced.
         12.  All flags will be removed by cemetery personnel on or after November 15th of each year.
         13.  No recreational activities are allowed in the cemetery such as:
                a. running or jogging
                b. ball playing
                c. hockey
                d. fishing
                e. roller blading or street skating
                f. bike riding
                g. golfing
                h. other related activities
         14.  No washing of automobiles is allowed.
         15.  The following are prohibited:  fences, curbing, enclosures, edgings, iron works, wire works,
            seats, posts, vigil lights and steps.

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