Hurd School Future Options - Spring 2017 Update

Hurd School Future Options Update - Spring 2017

Wakefield - The Board of Selectman and Town Administrator Steve Maio would like to give the public an update on the ongoing evaluation of the Hurd School located at 27 Cordis Street in the "Lakeside" neighborhood.  The public was invited to a Community Meeting and building Open House on September 13, 2016 at the school.  The Town Administrator led a discussion and Q + A Session in a packed auditorium.  During this session, ideas were tracked by the Town Administrator and members of the public where given the opportunity to speak and express their opinions about future options for the school property. 

"Swing space for various projects was mentioned" according to the Town Administrator, "and it makes sense with projects involving the Public Safety Building and Walton School currently under discussion" he continued.  Also at the meeting was Finance Committee Member Doug Butler, who spoke to the group and indicated the town was not under any financial duress to liquidate the property at this time.

The Town of Wakefield has several community investment projects on the horizon with the Walton School and Public Safety building projects in their initial stages of discovery.  The Hurd School was declared excess property in 2005 by the Wakefield School Committee and returned to the Town of Wakefield.  Since then, the building has been leased out several times to private schools.  The building currently has no active leases and is vacant.  The future use is now under the guidance of the Board of Selectman and Town Administrator.  

If you have questions or concerns about this property, please feel free to contact the Town Administrator's office at 781.246.6390
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