Community Meeting: Hurd School Future Options - June 20, 2018

Community Meeting: Hurd School Future Options

Wednesday June 20, 2018

First floor open for viewing - 6:15pm

Community Meeting - 7pm

(Wakefield) - The Town Council and Town Administrator Stephen P. Maio would like to give the public an update on the ongoing evaluation of the Hurd School located at 27 Cordis Street in the "Lakeside" neighborhood. The public is invited to a second Open House and Community Meeting.  The first floor will be open for public viewing at 6:15pm followed by the community meeting in the auditorium at 7pm on Wednesday June 20th at the school. The Town Administrator will lead the discussion and provide updates to the ongoing evaluation followed by a question and answer session about the building's future.

"After hearing from the public at our first meeting and evaluating our swing space and other needs, it is time to re-engage the neighborhood and community to discuss the best use of the building moving forward." according to the Town Administrator.

The Hurd School was declared excess property in 2005 by the Wakefield School Committee and returned to the Town of Wakefield. Since then, the building has been leased out several times to private schools. The building currently has no active leases and is vacant. The future use is now under the guidance of the Town Council and the Town Administrator.

If you have questions or concerns about this property, please feel free to contact the Town Administrator's office at 781.246.6390
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