2017 Fourth of July Celebration

2017 Fourth of July Celebration in Wakefield

New this year, Parade starts at 4:30pm

Updated: Parade Line of March 2017 (PDF)

(Photo Credits Mark Sardella)

July 4, 2017 Parade (FAQs)Frequently Asked Questions 

When does the parade take place?
A. The parade takes place on July 4th at 4:30 p.m.

Q. How long does the parade run?
A. The parade run time varied depending on the number of bands and floats but generally takes about one and a half hours.

Q. What is the parade route?
A. The parade route information can be found below.

Q. Do I need a ticket to see the parade?
A. The parade is free to the public however, if you enjoy viewing the parade, we encourage you to support the parade with a donation.

Q. Can I reserve a spot on the parade route?
A. We do not reserve spots officially but many individuals place chairs out hours before the parade.

Q. What is the Parade Website?
A. www.julyparade.org 


West Side Social Club Sponsored Activities Schedule

2017 Theme ~ USA – United We Stand

7:00 AM Registration for Fishing Derby ~ Lower Common **
7:30 AM ~ 10:30 AM Children's Fishing Derby ~ ages 2-14 years **under 12 must be must be accompanied by an adult
8:00 AM Registration for Pet Show ~ Upper Common 
8:30 AM Pet Parade Begins**
8:30 AM Registration for Cart, Tricycle and Scooter Parade ~ Upper Common 
9:00 AM Cart, Tricycle and Scooter Parade Begins **
9:30 AM Registration for Doll Carriage Parade ~ Upper Common 
10:00 AM Doll Carriage Parade Begins**
10:30 AM Registration for Bicycle Parade ~ Upper Common 
11:00 AM Bicycle Parade Begins**
12:00 NOON Diaper Derby ~ crawling race ~ Lower Common followed by Children’s Races ~Toddlers thru 12 Years old and Adult Races**
1:00 PM Canoe and Kayak Races ~~ Starting at the Head of the Lake to the Lower Common **under 18 years of age must be must be accompanied an adult
Weather Permitting 
**In the event of passing showers, events may be delayed till showers pass
**Prizes and Trophies are awarded at the end of each event

​Night Time

** Words about 2017 Honoree ~ Tom Collins

  • 9:30 PM FIREWORKS!!!

**Event ends immediately after Fireworks Display**


July 4th, 2017 – Handicap Parking Locations


  • Union Street at the Public Safety Building (8) spots
  • Parking lot behind Alano’s – (6) additional spots
  • Parking lot behind the Cooperative Bank – (2) spot
  • Avon Street at Library – (1) spot – no exit to Main Street during the parade
  • Richardson Avenue at Farmland (1) spot – no exit to Main Street during the parade
  • Civic Center off of Armory Street – (2) spots
  • Water Street across from Smith Street – (1) spot
  • Parking lot at Water and Main Street – (3) spots
  • Foster Street – (1) spot
  • Galvin Middle School – (4) spots
  • Town Hall on Lafayette Street – (5) spots – no exit during the parade
  • North Avenue between Avon and Richardson Avenue – (7) spots
  • Other Private Lots – (4) spots


PARKING RESTRICTIONS FOR THE FOURTH OF JULY WAKEFIELD – The following streets will have restrictions for the July Fourth (4th) holiday celebration. All streets listed will have restrictions from 3-9 pm. They will be clearly marked by July 4. Main Street in the Square will be completely closed to traffic during those hours, and traffic will be rerouted to North Avenue and Pleasant Street. The following streets will be posted “NO PARKING”



Note: Church Street closed at 6:00 am between Common and Main, The Downtown Main Street Area  closed at 3:00 pm, Parade route closing begins at 3:30 pm, Church Street closed from North Avenue to Main at 7:00 pm