Wakefield Youth Action Team

Who is the Youth Action Team? 

The Youth Action Team is a group of diverse teens, whose main goal, along with community partners, is to promote and sustain a positive and healthy future for Wakefield as a whole. 

What Does the Youth Action Team Do?

The Youth Action Team works year-round to create projects, attend meetings, educate, and promote campaigns that better the town of Wakefield along with surrounding towns. 

Project Examples

The Youth Action Team works on many ongoing as well as one time projects, including running the middle school and high school Youth Action Team Clubs, presenting pertinent information to high school health classes, creating informational newsletters to put up in the bathrooms of both the high school and middle school, and much more. 

Here is one example of a recent project the Youth Action Team created in order to inform the general population about vaping. The result are three PSAs shown below. 


Vaping Information Fact Sheet & Video PSAs

How Do I Get Involved? 

If you or someone you know would be interested in getting more involved with the Youth Action Team, the middle school and high school Youth Action Team Clubs meet every other week during the school year. Please listen to announcements at both schools for more information, or contact the Youth Action Team at wakefieldyat@gmail.com