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Powassan Virus Information

Powassan Virus Information




Interface Referral Services - Available to All Wakefield Residents

The Town of Wakefield proudly sponsors the INTERFACE Referral Service available for all Wakefield Residents

Call to consult with a mental health professional about resources and/or receive personalized, matched referrals (based on insurance, location, type of provider needed, and availability)


INTERFACE is a mental health resource and referral Helpline that the  community of Wakefield has contracted with to help children, adults and families become connected with mental health and wellness resources. Below, please find some information about what you can expect when you call the INTERFACE referral Helpline and are working through the referral process.




Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ruth L. Clay MPH Health Director (781) 246-6375
Jennifer Keough Senior Health Inspector (781) 246-6375
Karen Cronin, R.N. Public Health Nurse (781) 979-4129
Catherine Dhingra DFC Grant Coordinator (339) 203-5034
Kara Showers MIM Grant Coordinator, YAT Coordinator (781) 246-6375
Cindy Luongo Principle Office Assistant (781) 246-6375
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