Who provides hearing impaired telephone service in Massachusetts?


Hamilton Relay provides hearing impaired telephone service in Massachusetts!  Relay Service allows the disabled population to communicate with each other and everyone else by using an operator who types the conversation to the hearing impaired.

If you use Voice Carry Over (VCO), Speech to Speech (STS), or Spanish Relay, there are 800 numbers to dial to access your service.  Please use these numbers to avoid delays in having your call processed quickly!

VCO - 866-887-6619  
STS - 866-645-9870  
Spanish - 866-930-9252

MassRelay Customer Service is an excellent resource for information on a wide variety of topics including equipment resources, relay orientation and assistance in personalizing your relay experience with a Customer Preference.  

Contact them at:
1-800-720-3480 (TTY)
1- 800-720-3479 (Voice)