Veterans Memorial

The Project

Wall of Honor

The World War II Memorial Wall of Honor will replace the existing wooden memorial that was erected in 1944. The new memorial will have five granite monument tablets. Five bronze plaques will be mounted on the granite tablets.

The center bronze tablet will display the names of the 72 Wakefield citizens who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country in World War II. The other four bronze tablets will display the names of the 2,469 other men and women who served their country during World War II.

Walk of Remembrance

The Walk of Remembrance will include 520 individual granite pavers. Each paver will be inscribed with the name, rank and branch of service of a service man or woman who has served, or is currently serving, in the Armed Forces.

* Each paver will be sponsored through a donation of $300 (6" x 12") or $500 (12" x 12").

*The honored veteran or current service man or woman does not have to be a resident of Wakefield to be recognized on the paver that will be placed on the Walk of Remembrance.