Our mission is to convert the abandoned MBTA rail line in Wakefield and Lynnfield into a walkable and bikeable park.

Working in concert with: Reedy Meadow Rail Trail Alliance

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Governor releases $500,000 for rail trail!

In a big move to help our project become reality, the Governor announced in January that his administration would release the Transportation Bond Bill that contained $500,000 to fund the design and engineering phase of the Wakefield/Lynnfield Rail Trail.

Work on the Bill has been in process for several years, and has received the ongoing support of State Representatives Katherine Clark, Mark Falzone, and Brad Jones, as well as State Senator Richard Tisei. In addition, this project would be going nowhere without the time, support and encouragement of local officals: Selectmen Al Turco, Town Administrator Steve Maio, and Town Planner Reavis. We are grateful that public representatives from all state levels are working across municipal boundaries to bring this project closer to completion.

With the release of the transportation bond money granted by the State for this specific project, the towns can move forward with the legal and financial processes required to take the next step. The project is now proceeding with direction from MassDOT, community officials, and the MBTA.

When will it be built?

River Trail in Lansing, MI

photo © Rails-to-Trails Conservancy 1999

An initial Feasibility Study was completed in September 2007, and it returned with a favorable recommendation. The next step in building the trail is to complete the design and engineering. We recently received $500,000 of state funding, and the project is proceeding with direction from MassDOT, community officials, and the MBTA.

The next big tasks will be the Permitting process, and then finally Construction. Because the amount of funding has such a big impact on the progress of the project, at this point, there is no firm timeline for each of these tasks.

Bicyclists Bill of Rights

The Massachusetts Bicyclist's Bill of Rights and Responsibilities overhauls the rules which apply to bicycles and other vehicles on the road. Changes in this law include:

See MassBike's legislation page for more info.